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Press Release
For Immediate Release Contact: Ray Fischer, President
Subject: Noise Control Engineering, LLC Provides Underwater Noise Services for Hydrokinetic Energy Program
To: Ocean News and Technology
Date: March 15, 2011

Noise Control Engineering, LLC (NCE) of Billerica, MA is excited to announce its participation in a hydrokinetic energy program with the company Free Flow Power of Boston, MA. Free Flow Power is working through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for licensing deployment of hydrokinetic power generation through a series of projects in the Mississippi River.

Noise Control Engineering, LLC is tailoring its decades of underwater noise and vibration experience with ocean-going vessels and oil and gas industry projects to the engineering challenges presented by the burgeoning frontier of renewable energy development. Noise Control Engineering, LLC is involved with the prediction of underwater radiated noise from the hydrokinetic turbines, as well as from local vessels and on-shore sources. Noise Control Engineering, LLC will also perform detailed underwater noise monitoring of the turbine field during operation. For more information, please contact Ray Fischer or Molly Ziergiebel of Noise Control Engineering, LLC at (978) 670-5339.

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