Client                      Project                                Description       
AMOCO Oil Compressor Noise Control Diagnose on-site noise due to air compressor, design barrier/partial enclosure to reduce on-site noise.
Drywall Inc. Wall TL Measure in-situ transmission loss of hotel walls.
Veratech Plant DEQE Survey Determine broadband and tonal contribution from a new fume eliminator (CVM unit) in accordance with Mass. DEQE standards.
Marchionda Traffic Noise Conduct noise survey and evaluate possible impact of Mass Pike traffic noise on new residential development planned near turnpike.
Buckley & Assoc Rooftop A/C Unit Predict noise and identify noise abatement for rooftop units impacting neighborhood.
Ion Track Bomb Detector Identify source of high noise from detector and detail possible noise controls.
UMASS/Lowell Hood Noise Investigate noise from laboratory exhaust hoods and provide solution.
Raytheon Plant Noise Diagnostic test to determine source and transmission path for noise induced by environmental test chamber; provide treatment recommendations.
Goodman Assoc. Office Survey Determine acoustic environment of open plan office, including reverberation time & articulation index; determine approaches to improve office acoustic characteristics.
Castle Creek Go-Cart Facility Predict noise impact on neighborhood due to operation of a go-cart facility.
Richmond Group R&D Facility Design Assist in the design of a low noise and vibration R&D facility that includes clean rooms and vibration sensitive equipment.
Rexam Graphics Plant/Community Survey Determine potential plant sources that contribute to community noise and provide noise abatement recommendations.
Shaker Hill Fan Noise Evaluate environmental noise produced by exhaust fan, design enclosure to mitigate community noise.
SSI Factory Environmental Noise Evaluate impact of cooling tower noise at boundaries and consider noise control approaches; detail design of barrier at tower.
Cashins Assoc. Deer Island Measure pile driving noise and suggest 'at property line' noise abatement. Develop noise control programs for Deer Island projects.
Cashins Assoc. Central Artery/Tunnel Design and implement a noise monitoring Tunnel plan and noise control plan for Contract C19B8, provide construction site abatement as needed.
Raytheon Inc. Missile Shaker Determine methods to reduce exposure of Test Stand operators to noise induced during shaker vibration testing of missile components.
Arvida Shopping Mall Develop methods to reduce HVAC and trucking induced noise from shopping area to residential area, design local barriers and masking system.
Toxicon HVAC Noise Control Determine source level of external HVAC units and noise at site boundary, develop and specify noise barrier.
Wyman-Gordon Environmental Noise Determine noise source and path to reduce neighborhood annoyance from grinder blowers, perform diagnostic test; recommend passive silencer that significantly reduced on-site noise.
JOAN Fabrics Factory Noise Diagnose and recommend noise controls for knitting machines, blowers, hydraulic and other factory machinery.
Wyman-Gordon Enclosure Quiet pneumatic noise on lift for RF shielded room, reduce transmission from external sources.
99 Restaurant "Cocktail Noise" Measured high noise levels at bar and in dining room, reduce transmission from external sources.
UMASS Lowell Computer Room Measure HVAC and cooling fan noise, suggest noise control approaches for new offices to be located in room.
Empire Linen OSHA Survey Measure noise from dryers for compliance with OSHA standards, recommend fixes to reduce fan noise at operator position.
Raytheon, Inc. Missile Shaker Determine methods to reduce exposure of Test Stand operators to noise induced during shaker vibration testing of missile components.
Gas Light Restaurant Band Noise Prediction community noise due to band playing at nightclub in order to obtain permit for operation.
Stone Building Corp. METLIFE Building Evaluation transformer induced noise on reception area and sound studio. Recommend noise control treatments to reduce tonal annoyance.
Wyman-Gordon Machinery Noise Determine the noise control measures required to control noise induced by quenching process at industrial plant.
Mariano Pontiac Garage Noise Recommend treatments to reduce reverberation in garage work area due to pneumatic tools.
Haffner-Forunier Car Wash Diagnose and recommend treatments to reduce noise from dryer blowers impacting employees and neighbors.
Wartsila Diesel Power Barge Predict and control both shore-side and crew habitability noise from 40mW diesel generator power barge; genset isolation mounted.
Mobil Oil Hydraulic Pump Measure noise from cargo pump to determine contributions to dockside environmental noise.
General Electric SSTG II Develop machinery airborne radiation model and evaluate changes to factory test site to reduce background noise levels.
Anon. Go_Kart Track Assess impact on neighborhood of proposed Go-Kart Tack

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