Engineering Solutions to Noise and Vibration Problems

Noise Control Engineering

Since 1991

premier acoustical engineering consulting firm

Noise Control Engineering (NCE) is a premier acoustical engineering consulting firm that specializes in noise and vibration measurement and control in the marine, industrial, commercial, environmental, and energy sectors. As an experienced, well-established provider of noise control services, our custom toolkit and propensity for innovation allows us to provide adaptive, cost-effective solutions to all types of acoustical problems.


Noise & Vibration Control

Noise and vibration can significantly impact the health and safety of workers and communities. Impacts range from noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus with costly disability claims, to loss of focus and awareness, lower crew retention, and more. Noise and vibration can come from a variety of sources, from diesel engines to propeller cavitation to HVAC and even small pumps and transformers. At NCE, we have made it our mission to help clients identify and implement effective noise reduction strategies, creating healthier environments for crew, passengers, workers, and neighbors.


As an acoustical engineering consulting firm, we know that the comprehensive measurement, analysis, and control of noise is your best defense against noise and vibration problems. If you have a noise or vibration problem that needs a solution, contact us. Noise Control Engineering is a trusted partner for clients trying to minimize noise levels.


As a leader in the field of marine acoustics, NCE has provided technical assistance to hundreds of vessels.


NCE provides noise control services to industrial clients trying to mitigate external environmental noise and minimize employees’ exposure to hazardous noise. 

Underwater & Environmental

Underwater noise for non-military applications has gained significant importance in the last ten years, particularly for vessels operating in environmentally sensitive areas.


NCE has developed two software programs for monitoring, predicting, and controlling noise in the shipbuilding and marine industries: Designer-NOISE™ and Sound-Guard.