Marine Services

As a leader in the field of marine acoustics, NCE has provided technical assistance on hundreds of vessels. We specialize in designing and measuring quiet vessels of all types, including Navy combatants and auxiliary vessels, research vessels, high-speed craft, tugboats, offshore support vessels, dredges, ice breakers, submersibles, off-shore structures, and other conventional and non-conventional vessels. Our clients include naval architects, shipyards, government entities, materials and equipment vendors, and private owners and operators.

Government, SHIPYARD, and naval architect clients

  • Acoustic Design Support
    • Airborne Noise Analysis
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Underwater Noise Analysis
    • Sonar Self-Noise Analysis
  • Specification Review and Development
  • Detail Design and Construction Support
    • Treatment development: vibration isolation, acoustical insulation, damping, floating floors, silencers, etc.
    • Drawing review
    • Sound insulation assessments (STC and Rw)
    • Inspections and dockside verification testing
    • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Sea Trials Support and Diagnostic Services
    • Airborne Noise Testing
    • Habitability Vibration Testing
    • Underwater Noise Testing
    • Sonar Self-Noise Testing
    • Stress/Strain measurements
    • Other specialty measurements: torque, pressure, beam testing, ASTM materials testing


  • Equipment and machinery assessment and testing to meet acoustic standards
  • Materials testing to identify effectiveness in marine applications