OCEAN AGOR Acoustic design and construction support

NCE provided complete acoustic design, construction support, and testing services for two Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR) vessels: the R/V Armstrong and the R/V Sally Ride. This included the development and implementation of a noise control plan, predictions and assessments of airborne noise, underwater noise, sonar self-noise, and habitability vibration, and the recommendation of the following noise control strategies:

  • Assessment of quiet machinery
  • Source controls
  • Structural modifications
  • Additional treatments

We worked with the shipyard to identify mitigation approaches that are acoustically effective with minimal non-acoustic impacts to space, weight, maintenance, and overall cost, and performed Factory Acceptance Tests and dockside tests of multiple shipboard machinery items for airborne noise and vibration. In addition, we reviewed all pertinent shipyard construction drawings for proper implementation of acoustic features, conducted training of shipyard personnel on quiet ship design and construction, assisted with the development of the shipyard QA team, conducted shipyard inspections during construction, developed and installed unique exhaust treatments to reduce on-deck and Pilothouse noise, and planned and performed compliance testing at sea trials.