Staten Island Ferry Noise and Vibration Testing and Treatment

Eastern Shipbuilding Group engaged NCE to provide noise and vibration design, construction support, and testing for Staten Island Ferry’s three Ollis-class vessels. Our engineers made initial predictions, recommended treatments and mitigation strategies, developed and implemented detailed treatments, and performed testing following each ferry’s construction. With NCE’s support, the newest additions to the Staten Island Ferry fleet are primed for passenger comfort and mechanical longevity.

As part of the recommended noise- and vibration-reducing solutions installed on the ferries, NCE identified damping solutions that would mitigate noise from the propulsion system within nearby passenger compartments. NCE modified the damping approach that was in the vessel specification to provide improved performance with almost no increase to the vessels’ weight.

NCE’s habitability vibration assessments also identified potential issues relating to propulsion system excitations. Specifically, the Voith propulsion system was seen to be at risk of exciting a hull girder mode, leading to large vibration excesses over large portions of the vessel. NCE worked with Eastern and Voith to develop a vibration mitigation approach which allowed the vessel to meet its vibration goals. Without these preemptive prediction and assessment efforts, significant time and money would have been spent following sea trials to diagnose the root cause of vibrations and devise solutions.